Food Service

Food Service Made Simple


We greatly appreciate Food Service and currently supply Nationally recognized retailers to small owner operated retailers their food service needs.

We specialize in food service and offer many flavors in 6/64oz., 4/1ga. and even 55 gal drum sizes. We currently provide food service products to some of our nation’s larger food retailers and purveyors.

We appreciate the relationship derived from food service business and offer  quality, variety and flexibility. We also offer a flexible combination of discounts on retail sizes when using food service behind either your meat or seafood counters.

Combine your food service meat and seafood products with our retail private label program of those same flavors on your meat and/or seafood counters add in our freight free program and you have a real hit!

We also have relationships with virtually all major distributors and, chances are, one you are currently working with so ordering and shipping your foodservice products will be efficient and cost effective.

Custom flavors are available often with small minimums.



To receive more information on our food service program  contact us at: 800.809.8298 / 949.240.3053 or email us at: